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How We Work

Future Self Solutions is here to help Men take back control of their lives by providing tailored Stress Management interventions that work.

Regardless of the reason you are contacting us, we will always start with a FREE 30 minute discovery session.

Admitting you have a problem and reaching out isn't easy and may feel uncomfortable at first, therefore this session will allow us to look at your current situation and see where we can help you. There will be no obligation or pressure to book any further sessions with us if you do not feel it is the right option for you. Consider this as a friendly chat.

Everybody's situation is different, and personal, so the time we spend together will be based on your specific needs and the areas you wish to focus on. However, our work is typically based around a 3 step framework which we call the A.R.T of Stress Management.

ART stands for Acknowledge, Respond, Transform.

A: Acknowledge you have a problem.

Untreated stress can manifest itself into anxiety, anger, frustration and even depression.

Suppressing your thoughts, avoidance and ruminating/dwelling on a problem are all known as a passive coping styles.

Whilst helpful in the short term this is not a healthy way to deal with stress. Pain is temporary unless you let it stay.

It's important for you to open up and talk to someone about your situation and start the process of bringing your problems to the surface.

At a high level, we will help you to;

This is the moment you finally make time for yourself.

Don’t allow societal pressures to hold you back from reaching out and starting your recovery.

R: Respond to your situation.

Armed with a greater understanding of your personal situation, and the cause(s) of your discomfort, this is the time to take action. Here at Future Self Solutions we go beyond simply listening to your problems, we will help to equip you with new, effective coping strategies. Build a greater level of self compassion. Share tools and techniques that will form a personal stress management tool kit and allow you to start taking back control. Stress is an unavoidable part of life, it cannot be eradicated, but it can be managed. The key to living a life with manageable stress levels is in our ability to build resilience/tolerance to stressful situations. The only way out is through and we will support you every step of the way.

T: Transform your future self

Your hard work will now start to come to fruition and you will have felt the benefits of our time together.

You are now ready to advance in life and look to the future with renewed vigour and positivity.

This is your time to thrive, to grow, develop and prosper. Just remember, whenever you need us we will be here for you.